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Tech Support

Your IT infrastructure should be an asset you can rely on to help deliver your product or service. It is the framework that allows your company to function. Whether your business is located on a single site or across several sites, your business will be affected if your IT infrastructure fails.

We can act as your IT Department, continually monitoring servers and vital functions such as backups, email security services and internet access.

Many issues are resolved before they have a chance to affect your business.

We also offer an "as needed" service whereby we only respond to requests for assisntance.

Contact us today to find out how we can help.



IT Security is a very important aspect of modern business that is easliy overlooked. Businesses need to take every precaution to protect themselves from external and internal threats.

As IT systems become more interconnected there are more threats to IT networks and critical business data. It is very easy for employees to remove company data remotely or locally using USB memory sticks or even their mobile phone.

With remote working now common place, there is a need for more sophisticated IT security solutions and policies.

We have the expertise to define and implement these IT security solutions and policies. We realise there is no single security solution that will work for everyone. Some clients may have many remote workers that need to access company data at all times. 


Hardware & Software Installation

We offer a full range of hardware and software to suit all needs - from a network server and multiple PCs to a single user on a single PC.

Talk to us about upgrading your current hardware and software. We have experience in network servers, virtualisation, remote working, on-premise and in-cloud email systems and much more. Contact us for a no obligation chat.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

No one wants to think of the worst case scenario but could your business survive if you lost all your IT infrastructure?

We understand the importance of data backup processes and disaster recovery planning. Data backups are only useful if they can be relied upon when needed. That's why we include checks on your data backup and disaster recovery plan as part of our Full Support Service.

We analyse your network infrastructure, the applications you are running and the key user activities that keep your business running. We draw up recommendations, considering these key activities and the overall cost of the required protection.

We understand few businesses can justify a plan that replicates every aspect of their existing infrastructure. The key is to ensure plans are in place to replicate what is needed to keep your business running if the worst should happen.